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Anonymous asked: 1) Name three happy moments 2) Name three sad moments 3) What do you think your next hair style will be? 4) The latest compliment you received 5) If you won 10 million, what would you do? (Yes I'm bored :p )


2.) There aren’t specific moments, just underlying feelings

3.) I’m shaving it all off

4.) It was about my tumblr

5.) What I want

inhisbelly asked: Your blog is such a wonderful combination of the grotesque, the erotic, the poetic, and the iridescent and I sure do love it <3

That’s so nice. I’ve been neglecting tumblr hence why I’ve only just answered this but thank you you’re too kind!

Anonymous asked: hey, how long did it take to receive your offer from Northumbria? x wish you luck!

Gosh I can’t remember ;x it was years ago now. And thanks! x


It has some art things that I made
Go’aaaaahn, give it a like

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